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FTP Instructions: Private Archive

For security reasons, the FTP server uses TLS/SSL for encryption. FileZilla is one of many FTP clients that supports this protocol and it is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. If using FileZilla, please configure the server type settings for FTPES (FTP over explicit TLS/SSL) in the Site Manager's "General" tab. Below is a screenshot that illustrates how to configure FileZilla properly.



The free FileZilla FTP client can be obtained from:



The free Cyberduck FTP client can be obtained from:


For downloading and uploading files, one can use the "curl" command like so:


$ curl -k --user username:password --ftp-ssl > /local/path/to/example_file.txt


$ curl -k --user username:password --ftp-ssl --upload-file /local/path/to/example.txt

Download CLI software for Unix/Linux


For those who like to use lftp, if you turn off FEAT negotiation in lftp, it can access the FTP server as well. Here's how:

$ lftp -e "set use-feat off"

For greater convenience, users can put the "set use-feat off" in a ~/.lftprc file so that they don't need to specify it each time.

LFTP Command line interface (CLI) software for Unix/Linux

Please contact the DCC via the feedback form if you experience any difficulty.